TOP ARM 1 swing motor is intended for residential and commercial use. Easy welding for installation, Anti-crushing mechanism, with special deceleration mechanism known as cushioning, the boxing arm will move quickly then slowing down when it is closing.

Four selectale speed to choose and can manually configure the moving speed of the arm gate according to your preference, even if the backup battery fails, you can still use a safety key to effortlessly release the arm gate. With optional backup battery, you can be sure that the arm gate can still operate even if AC power cut occurs

Electro-mechanical operator for swing-lead gates. The 415 Range offers 8 models, with or without limit switches, long versions, 230V and 24V versions.- Available with a 300mm (max leaf 3m) and 400mm (max leaf 4m) rod stroke.

▪ LS versions are equipped with opening and closing limit switches
▪ Efficient-operators are highly adjustable to allow maximum flexibility
▪ Horizontal exit for cables to allow low installation


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