G-FORCE Sliding Gate Motor supports up to 1000kg

▪ Operating Voltage: AC 220-240V 50Hz
▪ Output Power: 600W
▪ Motor Rotation Speed: 1400RPM
▪ Max. Weight of Gate: 1,000kg
▪ Linear Speed: 10m/min
▪ Transmission Type: Gear Rack and Pinoin
▪ Safety Cut-Off/Auto Reverse: Electronic Load Surge Detector
▪ IR Safety Beam: Optional
▪ Safety Limit Timer: Yes
▪ Automatic Lighting: Yes
▪ Lubrication: Oil Bath Gear Motor
▪ Remote Controller: 2-Channels 315 MH2 UH

▪ Irreversible worm gear motor
▪ Easy programming using a LCD display
▪ Anti crushing safety ensured by electronic drive torque control
▪ Maximum gate weight 740-500kg 741-900kg
▪ Maximum leaf length 15m
▪ Maximum use frequency 740-30 cycles/hour 741-40 cycles/hour
▪ Optional electronic encoder available
▪ Includes programmable deceleration
▪ Max Speed 12m/min
▪ Max thrust 740-450N 741-650N
▪ Life expectancy 200,000 cycles

FAAC 746 is a chain based slide gate operator system. Includes the 746 slide gate opener, control panel, sprocket, protective cover, limit switch plates, mounting angle, mounting hardware and warning signs.

▪ GentleSlide (TM) Motion Management
▪ External Limits
▪ Manual Release (non-keyed)
▪ 230 VAC Only
▪ "Soft Stop" on opening and closing
▪ 1/2 hp motor
▪ Duty Cycle: 50% motor run time
▪ Microprocessor control
▪ Choose from six operating logics

The 844 is the industrial motor of choice, long life with a fully oil immersed motor and gearbox, high power small size.

▪ Twin Disk Clutch in oil bath for reliability & longevity
▪ Maximum leaf weight 1800kg with Z16 pinion
▪ Maximum leaf length 40m with Z16 pinion
▪ Use frequency 70cycles/hour
▪ Maximum Speed 9.6m/min with Z16 pinion
▪ Maximum thrust 110kg
▪ Magnetic Limit switch
▪ Adjustable electronic encoder & clutch for anti-crushing
▪ 780D control board incorporated


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